How To (HTO) is the online resource where all questions about outsourcing will be gathered and expertly answered. From basic definitions of jargon to lengthier explanations of concepts, the aim is to cover as many areas regarding the industry as possible.

The FAQ-style of presentation delivers the information in substantial but digestible bits. Aside from the most common queries, users can also submit their own specific concerns. Eventually a convenient library of tips, advice, principles and guidelines on outsourcing is built through collaboration.

Some organizations are only beginning to consider engaging in business process outsourcing. Other companies have thrived on the advantages for most of its lifetime. Experts are either advocating or belittling the process’ strategic qualities. Meanwhile technological advances are driving the development of innovative business models that use it as a linchpin.

As much as it has proliferated, outsourcing is still not fully understood. It is a dynamic industry developing at a quick pace and many aspects are likely to be left unclear. HTO’s aim is to be the site where all your questions are answered

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HTO recognizes the need to create a deep reservoir of information on outsourcing. It is after all one of the most significant business trends to emerge in this early part of the 21st century.